Nylon/Cotton Tug 5 x 30 cm

Model: T-013

Material: nylon / cotton

Size: 5 x 30 cm


* Colors vary depending on current dye lot.

Nylon/Cotton Tug 5 x 30 cm


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Tug for dog training 30cm

Bite tug is made from a strong nylon / cotton weave for durability and with a  twin nylon handles.  Used for building prey drive at an early stage of bite training or as a retrieval dummy for gun dog work, also used for bite reward when teaching new skills or as a simple game of fun with your dog when you are feeling playful.

Size:  30 cm x 5.0 cm

This material is super strong and safe of dog teeth from pups to strong adult dogs. Durable!!!

Please note, the nylon / cotton bite tug is not a chew toy and should be inspected for damage and replaced when showing signs of excessive wear.  It is not recommended to leave your dog unsupervised when playing with a bite tug.


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