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Ball XL
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Bite Pad Junior
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New in store Leather Padded Dog Harness

Leather dog harness

Dog Harness "VERO" dog training equipment

Dog PHYSIO Equipment

Store offer big selection new Professional Equipment for Dog Sport and Dog Units and Services, Military, Prison Service, also for home pets and dog trainers and dog behaviour specialists. Dog training gear for security dogs.

Comprehensive dog training encompasses quite a few aspects. Firstly, there is a need for developing the strength of your favourite pet. As the ardent dog lover and the most passionate dog owner, you will surely wish your dog to develop the greatest qualities. Therefore, other than strength, it is also important to instil courage in your dog. Moreover, developing your dog’s cognitive capacity is another important task at hand. And this is where you require the dog training accessories. Specially created and uniquely designed for dogs, these accessories facilitate holistic training for your dogs. With them, you develop your dog’s physical agility as well as mental intelligence.

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