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We offer big selection dog training equipment for dog sport,  work and pets.

Dog leads and collars, protection bite sleeves and bite suites, dog muzzles, tugs and rugs, also motivation dog toys and balls. Training Gear for K9 Services.

Clicker training is the new way to teach your pet. It's dog training made easy, it's very effective and there is no force involved. Your dog will learn while having fun at the same time.


Each click is an acoustic indication of correct behaviour and your dog will quickly understand that the right behaviour gets a click and a tasty reward.


It's a great way to train your dog so that it responds correctly to your commands and to its environment. It can also be used to train your dog for something specific such as sports. You can even use it to teach your dog to do some tricks. The Clicker training method will help you to have an obedient dog which will make life with your dog much more fun and you will also learn to understand your dog better.


Dog equipment for dog handlers and dog trainers for trial and dog training.

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