30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We sell all high quality products with one goal to provide satisfaction to all our customers. We hope that all our customers will get the positive results and satisfied by our products. But we also believe that it is not feasible to satisfy everyone completely. And we don’t want to disappoint them thus we provide 30 days money back guarantee (* 14 days for dog electronic products).


If you purchase our any product and not contended by any product due to any reason, you can return it for replacement or refund within 30 days (* 14 days for dog electronic products) from the date of purchase. However, you must understand that we can't bear a loss either, thus if you are returning our any product either for replacement or for refund that should be intact.


Return of any product will be accepted only if the product is returned in a saleable condition with the tags intact. The product should be in the original packaging and in an undamaged condition. If any returned product is not in either saleable condition or without original packaging or damaged, then you will not be eligible for refund or for replacement of returned product with another.


If returned product meets all these conditions only then you will be eligible for 100% refund. Please note that returned money is not inclusive of delivery charges. If you want to replace our any product with another product, you can replace it within 30 days from the date of purchase.


It will be replaced only if its original packaging is intact and in saleable condition and without any damage. If all these conditions are met then your product is eligible for replacement and please note that you will have to pay shipping charges only for the new product, replaced with previous one.


* Our policy for all electronic products (dog e fences, e-collars and etc...) is 14 days money back guarantee.

* Cutting products (Exercise Bands) and CUSTOM ORDERS are excluded from 30 days money back guarantee.

                      Methods of Payment

Payment methods

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