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We are an producer of high quality professional handmade dog stuff for dog training and dog sport (IPO / SchH, Ring Sport, Obedience, Tracking and Dog Training Equipment for: Police, Army, Prison service and Service Dogs, Dog Units, also Pet Equipment).

In close cooperation with the top athletes, we are constantly improving our products and looking for the best materials and processing technologies. Each product is uniquely handmade.


Our company is glad to propose you professional products of our own for training your dogs.


Dog health is always a major issue of concern for passionate dog owners. And it is almost impossible to maintain the top health conditions and agility of your four-footed partner without regular training. Additionally, dog training helps your dog stay in high spirits. Therefore, proper training and exercises are of paramount significance in their lives. Professional dog handlers and trainers use several techniques for training dogs. Each of these techniques is unique in their own way but still have something in common. The common requirement in this regard is the training equipment available for dogs. No training approach or technique will be successful without proper assistance from these dog training accessories and equipment.

We Supply to the following (Trade orders welcome):
Professional equipment for:
● IPO and Ring Sport Clubs
● Prison / Military / Police Dog Units
● Security Firms & Dog handlers
● Dog Trainers & Dog Behaviour Specialists

We only choose the best products available and by delivering direct from suppliers to you we guarantee to offer the best prices on our range.


Engage Your Dog In Serious Sports With Comfortable Dog Sport Equipment!

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