Nylon Leashes / Working Super Grip Leads

Leads "LIGHT" / Width 15 mm

Leads "LIGHT" / Width 20 mm

Reflective Leads

Leads "COTTON" / Width 20 mm

Leads "HEAVY" / Width 20 mm

Tactical style leads

2 Handle Leads

Police type / Training Leads

Camouflage Leads

Dogs Coupler

Training Leads

Leads with Bungee

Loop Leads

Tracking Leads

Leather Leashes

Waterproof Leashes

LUX series leads


If you haven't found the required size of the lead or have other specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make one for you. 


Dog Leash / Sport Dog Equipment:

● Nylon, Leather, Biothane, Metal, Rope
● from hand loop to tracking leash - 10m / 15m
● for sport, walking, training, tracking


We offer big selection K9 Dog Equipment for professional dog training, services dogs and pets.

                      Methods of Payment

Payment methods

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