Leg Sleeve N3 with Velcro

Model: S-3

Material: Nylon / Cotton or Jute

Suitable for Left or Right legs

Length: approx. 70 cm


The n3 leg sleeve is a light leg sleeve suitable for puppies and young dogs. 

* Colors vary depending on current dye lot.

Leg Sleeve N3 with Velcro


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Leg Sleeve N3 with Velcro

This leg sleeve is strong bite sleeve with Velcro. Leg-sleeve suitable for junior dog bite work training. The dog learns to open his mouth take its "prey", and is afterwards rewarded by the squeezing effect of the soft padding. Sleeve  is made of strong and safe hypo allergenic materials for safe dog training and secure protection of helper.

Suitable for the training of Belgian ring, Mondioring, KNPV, NVBK, Campagne, PSA, police dogs, K9 dogs, military dogs and security dogs.

Suitable for Left and Right leg.


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