Tactical Dog Lead with Metal Kong Frog connector

2 handle

Material: Strong Nylon

Width: 20 mm

Length: approx. max 180 cm / 6 feet  

                              min 100 cm / 3.3 feet



Tactical Dog Lead with Metal Kong Frog connector


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Tactical Dog Lead with Metal Kong Frog connector

This tactical dog lead with 2 handles are made for durability. This working leash is made of anti slip material with rubber and has a light texture. The leash doesn't absorb water and doesn't get heavier.  Additional handle close to the hook makes it more comfortable to keep your dog close when needed.


The leash has comfortable length of approx. 180 cm / 6 feet so that you won't trip over or kick your dog if they like to walk in front of you.

  •  Webbing strap made of strong nylon
  •  Additional handle to hold dog close
  • Kong Frog™ quick release metal connector
  • Ideal for sweaty hands
  • Ideal in wet weather
  • Ideal playing in water
  • Secure grip / rubberised dog lead 

This lead ideal for dog / pet walking, training (protection / bite work) and K9 Services.


The star feature of this leash is the buckle from Kong Frog. The Frog carbine is manufactured in Italy out of aluminium alloy using a CNC machine. This carbine is tested and rated to withstand 26 kilo-newtons of force, or roughly 5,000 lbs of force. The Frog is designed to fasten quickly and securely, ensuring the utmost comfort and security. These buckles are extremely durable and allow the handler to quickly attach to the collar.


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  • stable Frog (KONG) carabine, high quality stitching
  • really stable and pleasant material
  • width 20 mm
  • every individual fabrication possible (please contact Us)

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