Double handle, padded dog leash

Material: Strong Nylon

Width: 25 mm

Length: approx. 165 cm / 65 inches

Colour: Green

Double handle, padded dog leash


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Double handle, padded dog leash

This Double handle leashes are made for durability. The webbing the leash is made of is tough enough to survive a tug-of-war with only few creases and a lot of slobber on it, no rips or tears. The handle is padded with upholstery suede for grip comfort, because nobody likes the cheap nylon leashes that bite into our hands when dog pulls.  Additional handle close to the hook makes it more comfortable to keep your dog close when needed.


The leash has comfortable length of approx. 165 cm / 65 inches so that you won't trip over or kick your dog if they like to walk in front of you.

  •  Webbing strap made of strong nylon.
  •  Additional handle to hold dog close.
  • Upholstery suede padding with 3 mm foam.


This lead ideal for dog / pet walking, training (protection / bite work) and K9 Services.


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  • stable carabine, high quality stitching
  • width 25mm
  • really stable and pleasant material
  • every individual fabrication possible (please contact Us)

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