1.5m Rubberised Dog leash 15mm

Rubberised Dog Lead with hand strap

Model: L-048

Material: Nylon

Available colors: Yellow / Green / Blue / Pink / Purple / Black


Width: 1mm

Size: 150 cm / 4.8 feet

1.5m Rubberised Dog leash 15mm


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ANTI SLIP DOG LEAD / 1.5m Rubberised Dog leash

This working leash is made of anti slip material with rubber and has a light texture. The leash doesn't absorb water and doesn't get heavier.

15 mm wide rubber/web material, anti slip in the rain or with sweaty hand or a strong dog where good grip is required, washable. Available in several colours!

  • Ideal for sweaty hands
  • Ideal in wet weather
  • Ideal playing in water
  • Secure grip / rubberised dog lead 
  • Size: 1.5m

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  • really stable and pleasant material
  • every individual fabrication possible (please contact Us)

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