Tracking Harness, Adjustable

Model: H-004

Material: Strong Nylon

Color: Black

Size: S - L

Tracking Harness, Adjustable


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Tracking Harness, Adjustable

Tracking harness with 3 rings. This nylon tracking dog harness is great for long tracking expeditions in wet conditions. Strong and comfortable in any environment.


Nylon Tracking Harness is designed with a quick-release buckles on the rear straps. This harness goes on fast and easy. It is constructed of soft, sturdy nylon often preferred by those working in heavy, wet cover or those concerned about the weight of the leather harness.

Tracking as a dog sport can be a useful and entertaining way to spend time with your dog in nature. Your dog's natural talent for scent trailing can be used in tracking competitions using tracking trails, during hunting, for serious uses or just for fun. Tracking is a great mental exercise for your dog and can help you more deeply understand the nature of your pet.



Chest measurement:

S   60 - 80 cm / 23.6 - 31.5 inches 

M  70 - 98 cm / 27.5 - 38.5 inches

L   90 - 115 cm / 35.4 - 45.2 inches


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