Nylon Harness "VERO CLASSIC 2 Cobra"

Model: H-046

Material: Strong Nylon

Size: XS - XL

Color: Full Black

2 Buckles Austri Alpin COBRA, colorurs vary depending on current dye lot.

*Others colors and setting available on request

Nylon Harness "VERO CLASSIC 2 Cobra"


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Nylon Harness "VERO CLASSIC 2 Cobra"

Harness Vero Classic 2 cobra compare to Harness Vero has better shape and the possibility to adjust chest straps. 


Professional working harness, easy on / off.  Harness with handle, from strong nylon, adjustable. For all breed and age. Suitable for dog walking, training (Sport, IPO / IGP, Mondioring, Real Work) and Service dogs.


Best Dog Harness for ALL Dog Breeds.


This harness is made  for strength and comfort. The dog training harness is expertly crafted to provide maximum durability.

The precisely designed breast plate is lined from strong nylon to offer supreme comfort for your dog and to absorb the shock of a strong dog hitting during bite work. Designed so the resistance is on the shoulders and not on the throat,  our agitation harness allows dogs to bark and track in freely and still be restrained.

This new dog training harness is specially built for the stress of agitation work. The dog training harness is designed to fit almost any sized working dogs. It is adjustable harness. For be quickly put on and off by using only one buckle and strap.

Choose this dog training harness with strong handle for your comfort in training.


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Size - Charts

       Chest measurement (cm)


XS  65 cm - 75 cm   ( 25.6 - 29.5 inches)

S    75 cm - 85 cm   ( 29.5 - 33.4 inches)

M   78 cm - 90 cm   ( 30.7 - 35.4 inches)

L    82 cm - 100 cm ( 32.3 - 39.3 inches)

XL 94 cm - 110 cm  ( 37.0 - 43.3 inches)




If you haven't found the required size or have other specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make one for you. 

Also Velcro for patch is available on request FREE of charge. 


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