SCARAB Canine Safety Light / Beacon


Scarab Details:

Weight: 23g

Height: 30.0mm

Length: 49.0mm

Width: 38.00mm


Warranty 2 Years

SCARAB Canine Safety Light / Beacon


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SCARAB Canine Safety Light / Beacon

 Scarab is unique being the first rechargeable canine safety beacon, its also the first that you can adjust the power level setting and change the LED setting to a colour of your choice, RED-BLUE-GREEN.


Our customers really love the “bulb” effect the lens gives in that it is the same light output at the side of the lens as it is at the top, clever technology indeed. You can see in the image how the dial part of the lens section is lit by the power of the 3W LED inside.


Scarab uses every bit of the lens to ensure your dogs safety making them visible from any angle. Consider what this means in safety terms, maximised awareness that you and your dog are present, premium safety when you are outside in the dark!


Because Scarab flashes it also heightens your dogs location, on or off the lead this is a valuable feature. If you have more than one dog or walk in groups, you can easily identify your dog when off the lead by the LED colour setting. Scarab stands out that is for sure.


Something else to consider is the duration of the rechargeable battery, on the minimum (walking) setting, whilst it can be seen from 600m, it will run for 5 days continuously before you need to give it a charge, not bad for something so small.


Technical Stuff

Battery Type LIR2450

Material: Lithium ion

Voltage: 3.6V

mAh: 120=/-10%

mΩ: ≤400

Size: 24.5 x 5.0mm

Weight: 5.2g


Temperature: -20°C to +40°C

Battery Cycle:  ≥500 cycles

No memory effect

Manufactured to ISO 9000



Scarab complies to requirements

regarding  CE  and RoHS approval. 

Scarab Part Number:

SCA-1A (Single Unit)


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