Collar with handle - Red and Red

Model: CL-047

Material: Leather

Color: Red and Red



Size:  2.5 x 50 cm

          3.0 x 55 cm

          3.5 x 60 cm

          4.0 x 50 cm

Size - Charts

Collar with handle - Red / Red


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Red - Red Dog Leather Collar with handle

Red - Red  Dog Leather Collar with handle from strong leather. Suitable for dog walking and training.


Leather Collar very durable and this collar is a high quality model of dog collar made of strong 2 ply leather and reliably stitched.

Strong handle will help you to control your dog easy and fast on close distances. The handle is very strong, and suitable for large, strong breeds. Strong buckle is a reliable tool to keep your dog under control with our strong dog collar.

Attach dog lead to a cast D-ring.

Try our strong dog collar for comfortable, reliable and long-term use and stylish look of your dog. Your pet deserves the best quality!


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