Leather pinch collar with handle

Model: CL - 060

Size: 45 cm - 55 cm

Width: 25mm

Material: Leather


Leather pinch collar with handle


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Leather pinch collar with handle

This leather pinch collar with handle is an extremely effective alternative to a choke chain for controlling your dog when going for a walk, and is ideal for owners who's dogs pull on the lead.  The pinch collar is gentle method of restraining your dogs tendency to choke itself while putting unnecessary pressure on the neck.  When used correctly the collar offers fantastic and instantly noticeable results.  We highly recommend using the collar sensibly as not to hurt your dog, and if you're uncertain at any point, please stop and consult a qualified trainer.  The pinch collar is best suited for use with a short lead where keeping the dog close to you allows better control.  The assumption that this collar ‘pinches’ when on the dog and pressure is applied, is a falsehood. It neither pinches or pokes the neck in a way that would cause injury.

When putting the pinch collar on your dog there is no particular place you or your dog needs to stand or sit. 

A general example of dog sizes below may be used as a guide only, please ensure you measure your dog's neck properly before adjusting and putting on the pinch collar.  The collar can be adjusted very easily.


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