Leather Padded Half Chock Dog Collar

Material: Leather

Colour: Brown

Padding Colour: Red

Stainless steel hardware


Width: 22 mm / 0.86 inch

Size: MEDIUM - 42 - 49 cm / 16.5 - 19.3"

         LARGE    - 48 - 55 cm / 18.9 - 21.6"

        X LARGE  - 54 - 61 cm / 21.2 - 24"               

Leather Padded Half Chock Dog Collar


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Leather Padded Half Chock Dog Collar

We have designed our new Leather Padded Half Chock dog collar with starless still hardware as the ultimate in comfort, strength, appearance.  While we were developing this product we particularly took into account the needs of the owner of the stronger dog who may pull whilst walking on their lead. We use the very best panel hide to produce a smooth, soft, padded lining that overlaps the sides of the collar to help protect your dogs neck and windpipe and spreads the pressure produced by pulling or lunging at the lead over as wide an area as possible, with the objective of minimising the associated pain and tissue bruising that can result from this behaviour in a standard collar.



Simple, quick and effective half choke design

The safety mechanism for attaching the lead protects the dog’s throat and prevents load on the lock when the dog pulls

Strong, sturdy buckles

Soft padding for superb comfort


The padding will add approximately 5 mm or a little more to the width of the collar on each side, so a collar ordered in 22 mm width would have an actual width of approx. 32 mm.
Try our strong dog collar for comfortable, reliable and long-term use and stylish look of your dog. Your pet deserves the best quality!


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If you haven't found the required size of the collar or have other specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make one for you. 

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