Puppy Nylon Collar, 20mm, Adjustable

Model: CL-060/20

Material: Nylon

Width: 20 mm

Size: 29 - 42 cm (11.4 - 16.5 inches)

Colour: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Pink, Yellow, Grey, Orange, Light Blue, Black


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Puppy Nylon Collar, 20mm, Adjustable


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All Breed Nylon Collar / Puppy Nylon Collar, 20 mm, Adjustable

Working Nylon Collar with Fast Release Buckle with Center Lock. It harmonises with the working nylon super grip leash.

This all breed adjustable collar is suitable for small and medium dogs, also for puppies.


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If you haven't found the required size of the collar or have other specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make one for you. 


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