Padded Plain Leather Dog Collar

Material: Strong Leather

Colour: Brown

Padding Colour: Green or Red


Width: 30 mm

Size: M - 3.0 x 52 cm (20.5 inches) / 43 - 56 cm

          L - 3.0 x 62 cm (24.5 inches) / 53 - 65 cm


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Padded Plain Leather Dog Collar


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Padded Plain Leather Dog Collar

Padded Plain Leather Collar very durable and this collar is a high quality model of dog collar made of brown very strong leather and reliably stitched. 
Strong buckle is a reliable tool to keep your dog under control with our strong dog collar.

Attach dog lead to a cast D-ring from brass.


This collar is lined with luxurious Sedgwick Panel Hide, more normally used in premium saddle and bridlework. We roll the edges of the lining to protect your dogs delicate skin from the more solid leather of the collar and to help protect the neck from the collar should they pull or jerk at their lead. The padding helps to ensure the ultimate in comfort for your dog.


The padding will add approximately 5mm or a little more to the width of the collar on each side, so a collar ordered in 30mm width would have an actual width of approx. 40mm.

Try our strong dog collar for comfortable, reliable and long-term use and stylish look of your dog. Your pet deserves the best quality!


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If you haven't found the required size of the collar or have other specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make one for you. 


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