25mm Leather Collar Black and Red, Adjustable

Model: CL-051

Material: Leather

Color: Black and Red


Size: 2.5 x 50 - 60 cm (19.6 - 23.6 inches)

Size - Charts

25mm Leather Collar Black / Red


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New Leather Collar for Labrador and German Shepherd / Black and Red

Leather Collar very durable and this collar is a high quality model of dog collar made of strong 2 ply leather and reliably stitched.
Strong buckle is a reliable tool to keep your dog under control with our strong dog collar.

Attach dog lead to a cast D-ring.

Suitable for all breeds, Labrador and German shepherd.

Try our strong dog collar for comfortable, reliable and long-term use and stylish look of your dog. Your pet deserves the best quality!


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